Multi-Functional Disinfection Truck

  • 10cbm Disinfection truck

    10cbm Disinfection truck

    < ZTQ5160GPSE5Y45E Vehicle parameters L*W*H (mm) 8290*2495*2880 Wheelbase (mm) 4500 Curb weight (kg) 6655 Total weight (kg) 15995 Chassis parameters Manufacturer Dongfeng Model EQ1165LJ9BDE Drive type 4×2 Engine Yuchai YC4EG185-50,136KW Gearbox Fast 8JS85C Tyre 10.00R20/7 Tank parameters Tank volume (m³) 10 Tank material Carbon steel Tank material 3 Water inlet size / number DN65 pipe thread interface / one on each sideDN65 Pressure drain DN65 pipe th...
  • 10cbm Multi- Functional Disinfection Truck

    10cbm Multi- Functional Disinfection Truck

    Remote spray and disinfect can atomize water into 30um-200um water mist particles, good effect for dust suppression and virus disinfection, high efficiency. The amount of mist can be adjusted independently according to user needs. Precise spray can be easily achieved. As the mist is sprayed evenly,